Thursday, February 5, 2015

Local Pest Exterminators Tell Their Secrets

The best ways to prevent future infestations learning to handle the ones you already have.
Maintaining a clean kitchen alone won’t make your home immune to infestations.Even if you don’t see pests in your home, you’re not necessarily in the clear.Be sure to hire an Pest exterminator who knows what he’s doing.Most reputable pest control professionals will tell you that they’ve followed up after a poorly trained pest exterminators at least once. Prevent an inexperienced pest exterminator from coming into your house by doing your research beforehand.Checking to be sure the extermination company has the required state and local certifications, and confirm that they have a trained pest exterminators working within the company who can address and discuss your concerns.
You don’t need to worry about the treatments that we use.Reputable pest control companies urge you not to be concerned about the health or environmental impact of pest control treatments.
It’s a good idea to alert your neighbors.Apartment dwellers should definitely tell their neighbors if a pest population has cropped up. If you have roaches or bedbugs, at a minimum the units next to, above and below you need to be inspected and likely treated.
Methods of pest control, which may include structural maintenance, sanitation, monitoring for pest populations, mechanical and biological control, and the judicious use of pesticides.These methods will help to eliminate food, moisture and harbor age for pests, making their survival more difficult.Pesticides will not be applied on a routine basis however, they may be used as a tool to maintain pest populations at or below an acceptable level.  Proper implementation of this Pest control program will reduce the volume, toxicity and frequency of application of pesticides, thereby reducing the risk of potential exposure of building occupants who may be sensitive to their use.
 What is a pest inspection?
Its a visual inspection is conducted by a state-licensed professional hired to look for signs of infestation or damage to a structure by wood-destroying pests.
Pest inspectors look for:

Wood-destroying pests, such as termites,moisture ants,carpenter ants, rot fungus and wood-infesting beetles.

Evidence of pest activity, such as damaged wood, dead insects and saw dust.

Conducive conditions for pests, such as standing water, earth-to-wood contact and plumbing leaks.The inspector will visually inspect accessible areas inside a home (including crawlspaces) and the exterior of the property. In areas where carpenter ants are prevalent and in houses where there are no sub floor crawlspaces, the attic is also inspected

Pests to be Controlled
Pest control services which can be performed includes Bed bugs,Mice,cockroaches, carpenter ants, Little black tiny sugar ants emerging indoors, invaders including bees,Yellow jackets & wasps entering from out of doors. Populations of these pests that are located immediately outside of a specified building and pose a possible infestation problem to that building.


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